Ghana Youth Day

1er Forum National de la Jeunesse franco-ghanéenne
P1120607 P1120585 20141011 221329  Youth at the top 20141011 221343  Girl friends
20141011 222020  The CAGEF organizing team small 20141011 222219  The CAGEF organizing team big 20141011 192804  Kids 20141011 221927  Alfred and Nana Agyare
20141011 222308  Alfred and the youth P1120586 P1120587 cr P1120589
P1120590 P1120592 P1120593 P1120594
P1120595 cr P1120596 cr P1120597 cr P1120598 cr
P1120599 cr P1120602 cr P1120603 cr P1120606
20141011 230505  The artist P1120608 P1120609 cr P1120611 cr
P1120613 cr P1120616 P1120617 P1120620
P1120618 P1120619 P1120621 P1120625
P1120626 cr P1120623 P1120622 P1120631 cr
P1120628 20141011 224318  The Ghana Youth Day sweet caterers P1120629 cr P1120630
20141011 221246  Food P1120633 P1120634 cr P1120635 cr
P1120636 P1120637 P1120638 cr P1120640
P1120642 cr P1120632 cr P1120643 P1120644 cr
P1120646 P1120648 cr P1120652 cr P1120653 cr
P1120656 cr P1120657 cr P1120658 cr P1120659
P1120662 cr 20141011 221302  Beauty queens P1120663 cr P1120664 cr
P1120665 cr P1120666 cr P1120667 cr P1120669 cr
P1120674 P1120670 cr P1120672 cr P1120673
20141011 231252  Closing up 20141011 231601  See you next year !! Ghana Youth Day