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Ghana, an Anglophone country of West Africa, is still relatively unknown in France, though being surrounded by french speaking countries. Many Ghanaians also live in France.

The association SANKOFA has therefore been created to establish a close relationship between Ghanaians and French, and allow the French people (even the French with Ghanaian origin) to discover and know more about Ghana and its culture, and also to assist the migrant Ghanaians to well integrate and find their rightful place within the French multicultural setting while maintaining socio-economic links with their roots.

Based in Paris and Toulouse, France, the association was founded in 2007 by a group of Ghanaians and French living in France. It is registered at the District Administration (n° W313005466). The association SANKOFA is open to all those who love Ghana, vehemently wish to contribute to its socio-cultural development, and desire to follow current economic and political trends in Ghana.


SANKOFA, an intercultural association, has a mission to develop and broadens bilateral relationship between Ghana and France through non-governmental means of international solidarity, socio-cultural exchanges, and economic activities within the optic of sustainable development.


Domains of intervention

Cultural and artistic activities :

Socio-cultural activities : Welfare and development cooperation activities :


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