From blog to blog, visions of Ghana

On the mood to fly to Ghana, but you'd like to know a little bit more about life there ? Feel from inside the beat of an african city, the cool atmosphere of a coconut seashore licked by the waves, or the harmattan drying your lips ? 

Then let us take you into Ghana's daily life, through a reality lived with different different eyes, and words written by different different travellers. Safe journey throughout their blogs, and enjoy the trip ! Actually, we would not be surprised if, at the end, you run and buy your own ticket !  

Of course, all expressed opinions are under their authors' responsibility. And sorry for our anglophone visitors, all blogs are in french.

Solo :    Abena Girl and Thibaud

Duo :    

Family :    OZerLands


Nathalie, Pascal, Léa (4) and Rose (1) : one year of a family trip in Africa, and Christmas in Ghana !

Kakum canopee walk, greaaat ! the 'team' with Oz, the house-car stamping Adinkra symbols
September 2004 - September 2005   


Elise and Sébastien, volunteers in a refugee camp

2 years on a development project with liberian refugees of the Buduburam camp, 40 km west from Accra : Elise as kinesitherapist and Sébastien as clinic manager.

Elise and Seb Handicapped children of the Harmony Children Center Elise celebrated by the catholic women association of the camp
February 2006 - February 2008   


Abena Girl

or Axelle, a student from Paris discovering Ghana.

Amedzofe, 850 m high Cape Coast girl Monkey at Tafi Atome
January - July 2007   


Simène and Marlon, two students in the forest

Simène and Marlon, or Marlène and Simon, are two trainees studying in the tropical forest of "Boi Tano", 5 tro-tro hours far from Kumasi. 

Simon and Marlène so cool to live in a tree !
June - December 2008 or pourquoi partir au Ghana ? 


Thibaud, student at the french embassy in Accra ...

... and deputy coach of the national rugby team ! 

Volta river Thibaud oval balls exist in Ghana !
October 2007 - July 2008  and


"En vadrouille sur la citrouille"

Anne-Laure (Auntie Ana) and Pierre-Antoine (Uncle Peter) in Ghana, volonteers with Orphanage Africa, before a 17-months tour in Africa and Asia ! 

Lisa, founder of the NGO, and Marcel Desailly festival in the village Picasso boy
January - April 2006

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How do you like it ? some more will be added, soon soon ...

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