Books on Ghana


Ghana - Le Petit Futé
Country Guide

Le Petit Futé
240 pages

Bradt Guide Ghana
Country Guide
(in english)
Philip Briggs
Bradt Publication
2014 (6th edition)
504 pages


General books

Golden Handbook of Ghana Golden Handbook of Ghana
Agona Media (Ghana) Limited
Bilingual english-french
94 pages

This Golden Handbook was published for the Golden Jubilee of Ghana, first country in sub-Saharan Africa to obtain independance from British colonial rule, in 1957. Broadly illustrated (thank you Jake !), it invites you to an amazing journey, both through Ghana touristic attractions as well as investment opportunities existing in the country. Akwaaba, welcome in Ghana !
Le Ghana aujourd'hui
Ghana today
Mylène Rémy
Editions du Jaguar
Le Ghana
Patrick Puy-denis
Editions Karthala
228 pages
Le Ghana
Jane Rouch
Editions Rencontre
Lausanne 1964


Arts - Culture

Ghana - Denis Dailleux
Ghana - We shall meet again
Denis Dailleux
Editions le Bec en l'air
112 pages

Denis Dailleux is known for the portrait of Egypt which he has been developing for over fifteen years. In a search for new locations, he found his way to Ghana, where the fishermen of the port of Jamestown turned out to be a rich source of images: seascapes with changing skies, the dance of the fishermen, the movements of women and children around the port… Within this community, he explores new ways of relating to the body and space, life and death, and the sea, breathing new life into his photography.

Ghana Highlife Music
Ghana Highlife Music
Kwesi Owusu, Florent Mazzoleni
Editions Castor Astral
172 pages

Wonderfully comprehensive book on modern music from Ghana. Written by Kwesi Owusu & Florent Mazzoleni (who works for Rush Hour's own Kindred Spirits Recordings as well). The book tells the story of the early Ghana Highlife sound of the late 50's through to the 80's. An essential read for anybody interested in African music. (Please note: written in both English & French). Ghana High-Life Music" tells the story of how high-life music ruled from the late 1950's to the early 1980's, these Golden ages when high-life music became Ghana's foremost cultural movement, vibrant, rich and passionate.
The project is commissioned by the Institut Français du Ghana as part of its support to the valorisation of the rich Music Heritage in Ghana and the musical scene with the annual High Vibes Festival.
Ghana hier et aujourd'hui
Ghana yesterday and today
Editions Dapper
Bilingual English-French
400 pages

Ghanaian spiritual life, which accords special importance to relations with the deceased, has fostered the production of anthropomorphic terracottas, such as those unearthed at Koma-Bulsa and those of the Akan groups. Today’s researchers posses descriptions of the latter dating from as early as 1601. This book presents a vast array of remarkable items exemplifying many different regional styles. This book devotes a great deal of space to such contemporary creativity and highlights several outstanding examples, notably the work of Owusu-Ankomah, whose theme of bodies in movement embraces a resurgence or reworking of “traditional” motifs. It also presents the innovative approach adopted by Almighty God, whose paintings are teeming with symbols. His perpetually evolving art fuses text and images, and favours faithful portraiture or hyperrealism. Thanks to contributions from today’s foremost specialists, this reference work allows the reader not only to explore ancient kingdoms but also to discover modern Ghana and its rich cultural heritage.

Ghana Photo Memories
J.K. Bruce Vanderpuije
Editions Filigranes
Bilingual English-French
64 pages 
Mollusk 06 Ghana Movie Posters
Editions Bongoût
Bilingual English-French
32 pages

This special edition of Mollusk is devoted to hand-painted film posters from Ghana. Showcasing the violent, humorous and sometimes absurd representations of movies both familiar and obscure. The entire texts are in both French and English.
Parlons Twi
Let's speak Twi
Kofi Adu Manyah
Editions L'Harmattan
234 pages

Parlons Ga
Let's speak Ga
Kropp Dakubu, Mary Esther
Editions L'Harmattan
158 pages
Parlons Ewe
Let's speak Ewe
Jacques Rongier
Editions L'Harmattan
Introduction à la phonétique et à la phonologie
africaines: les sons de tous les jours:
le cas Akan (twi)

Introduction to african phonetics and phonology : sounds of everyday : the Akan case (twi)
Kofi Adu-Manyah
Editions L'Harmattan
319 pages
Le Roman d'Anansi
ou le fabuleux voyage d'une araignée
Anansi Stories
or the fabulous journey of a spider
Armelle Détang (Author), Pierre Casalegno (Illustration), C Beaujon Cherdieu d'Alexis (Translation)
Editions Caret
491 pages


History - Society

Panafricanisme, Religion Akan Panafricanisme, religion Akan et dynamiques identitaires aux Etats-Unis
Le chemin du Sankofa
Panafricanism, Akan religion and identity dynamics in the United States
The Sankofa pathway 
Pauline Guedj
Editions L'Harmattan
346 pages

Grandir à Nima (Ghana)
Les figures du travail dans un faubourg populaire d'Accra
Grow in Nima (Ghana)
Working figures in a popular suburb of Accra
Martin Verlet
Editions Karthala
325 pages
Les enfants pêcheurs au Ghana
Travail traditionnel ou exploitation ?
The children fishers in Ghana
Traditional work or exploitation ?
France Manghardt
244 pages
Going into Darkness
Fantastic Coffins from Africa
Thierry Secretan
Editions Thames & Hudson
127 pages
From a giant onion to a crayfish and a butterfly, these photos portray the craft and culture of a unique fishing community's perfection of the coffin into an art form. People are actually buried in these fantastic coffins, presented in an intriguing collection of excellent, varied images; from makers at work to burial.
Les chemins de la démocratie
The ways to democracy
Pierre Cappelaere
Editions L'Harmattan
282 pages
Le Ghana de Rawlings
Djello Seth Lumor
Editions L'Harmattan
Le Ghana de J.J. Rawlings
Restauration de l'Etat et renaissance du politique
Restoration of the State and revival of politics

Comi M. Toulabor
Editions Karthala
Ghana, une révolution de bon sens
Ghana, a revolution of common sense
Christian Chavagneux
Editions Karthala
392 pages
Marie-Joseph Bonnat et les Ashanti
Journal (1869-1874)
Marie-Joseph Bonnat and the Ashanti
Diary (1869-1874)

Claude-Hélène Perrot - Albert Van Dantzig
Société des Africanistes
672 pages
Le royaume asante (Ghana)
Parenté, pouvoir, histoire : XVIIe-XXe siècles

The asante kingdom (Ghana)
Family, power, history : XVIIth-XXth centuries
Gérard Pescheux
Editions Karthala
582 pages
L'or et les esclaves
Histoire des forts du Ghana du XVIe au XVIIe siècle

Gold and slaves
History of the forts of Ghana from XVIth to XVIIth century
Jean-Michel Deveau
Editions Unesco-Karthala
330 pages



Anansi le vieux sage
Anansi the old wise man
Conte africain traduit par Anne Krief
Illustrations Jean-Claude Götting
Éditions Gallimard Jeunesse
Collection La Clé des contes
31 pages
Anthologie trilingue de Contes Akan
Trilingual Anthology of Akan Folktales
Christiane Owusu-Sarpong
Edité par l'Université de Kumasi
Trilingue anglais-akan-français
193 pages
Comment la mort est revenue à la vie
How death came back to life
Muriel Block et Atak
Editions Thierry Magnier
Album jeunesse dès 6 ans
38 pages
Kofi l'enfant du Ghana
The Narrow Path
Francis Selormey
Editions Dapper
Youth novel, translated from English 
1998 - Original title : The Narrow Path, 1966
308 pages
Mission spéciale
The Gold Diggers
Kwasi Korenteng
Editions Dapper
Youth novel, translated from English 
2000 - Original title : The Gold Diggers, 1992
192 pages



Export in Ghana
Edition Ubifrance
166 pages


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